Who We Are

37PALS Social Enterprise operates out of PALS Adult Program that provides training and employment opportunities for our students, building work skills and independence while overcoming workplace barriers.  This skills-acquisition program is dedicated to the support and instruction of young adults with autism spectrum disorder. As active members of our community, we consider work to be an integral part of adult life and a significant contributor to establishing social networks, as well as adding to each individual’s skill set. PALS Social Enterprise was created as a response to the challenges our students face in acquiring meaningful and appropriate employment. Our purpose is to enable young adults to learn new skills, to gain independence and to help support themselves.

How It Started

47Just under two years ago, PALS Social Enterprise started making soy wax candles. Every step in this candle crafting process is carried out by the students of PALS. The first batch of Adult Program candles was made to celebrate PALS 9th Imagine Gala, Karma: An Evening of Good Vibes. The response to our candles was overwhelming, not only in generating further orders for other events but also highlighting the remarkable abilities of our students. Individual candle sales continued throughout the summer, and reached a significant milestone with the success of our Christmas gift boxes.

pf 4.png
Artwork by Tanya

The students are involved in every step of the candle-crafting process, from unpacking inventory, placing and cutting wicks and scenting the candles to designing the labels, placing the labels and packaging the candles.  In particular, Tanya Salih, a young adult of PALS Adult Program is responsible for designing every label and piece of artwork used in the enterprise. This is a meticulous process that involves sketching, colouring and computer editing. Each of the young adults here contributes in a different way and together they create the quality products that you can now enjoy.


In addition to crafting beautiful soy wax candles, PALS Social Enterprise has begun partnering with different businesses and organizations to fulfill their packaging and product assembly needs. In particular, we have partnered with a local chocolate maker, The Good Chocolatier, to fulfill all her packaging needs. The students working in the Social Enterprise label anywhere from 300-500 of her chocolates per week. These students working in the enterprise are paid an hourly wage for all the tasks they complete.

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